Integrative Psychotherapy


Integrative therapy is a flexible and inclusive therapy that may be useful for people who have more complex difficulties, have tried other therapies before, or for those who are looking for exploratory or long term therapy. 

Integrative therapists use their knowledge of different psychological theories, research and therapies (for example, psychodynamic, systemic, and cognitive therapies) to develop a treatment plan to meet your individual needs and goals. In order to do this effectively, integrative therapists carry out a detailed assessment and take into consideration your individual personality and preferences, as well as your physical and mental abilities, needs, and beliefs. 


Integrative therapy may involve the use of one evidence-based therapy followed by another to address different difficulties, or it may involve a combination of therapeutic tools into one single approach. 

What can I expect if I receive integrative therapy

  • You will have a detailed assessment so that your therapist can get to know you and develop an individualised treatment plan. 

  • Your therapist will then discuss their recommended treatment plan with you, including the rationale and research evidence for the various approaches.

  • You and your therapist will decide together on which therapies to use. You will also agree on the number of sessions to have before reviewing your progress.